is created by the people for the people to make learning some of the Asian Languages fun and make the overall experience of the Learning Not so boring.Any one can contribute to the website by adding words to it by clicking on the green-ish button that says   and is located on top of the page.

The Team:

Walid Mashal is a software development enthusiast, Odoo Consultant and Freelance software developer since 2015, living in Afghanistan and has been working with different software development technologies.

Email :
Address: Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan
Phone : 0093 786 82 88 16
Skype : walidmashal4

Walid Mashal (Owner of Bandaar Dictionary)

Note: Contact me using above contact detail for any software requirements you may have.

Samples of the work I have done
Check out one of my desktop applications for learning to type in Pashto Language which is developed in C# programming language. For more information visit pashto typing master.

# Odoo ERP:

I have worked on MIS software solutions for educational institutes, restaurants, pharmacies and shops. For more information please visit software solutions page.

For one of my Odoo store Applications that I have alreay uploaded to Odoo App Store

PHP Laravel:

I have worked on multiple websites including this current website and other websites for different clients and I am fluent with developing all kinds of web applications.

This website hast different things for example Online Pashto Typing Tutor that will help you with learning to type in Pashto or the Pashto Text romanization that helps in transliterating text between pashto and english.

Open Source:

I have worked on the following open source projects:

Odoo Phone Number widget:
- This widget helps Odoo users type phone numbers into text fields easily without keyboard and is best to be used with touch screen devices.
Python data validation package:

- This package provides the same data validation to python users as there is in PHP laravel.

Pashto Datepicker:
- This Javascript project is an extension of the Babakhani Persian Datepicker. This project can be used to add date picking functionality to Web Applications and is fully translated to Pashto language.
Automatically Type Pashto:
- This Javascript module is used to provide functionality to automatically type pashto in an HTML textarea element without changing the language of the Operating System.