Pashto Typing Master/Tutor
پښتو ټایپینګ ماسټر

# Download

You can download the Application by clicking on the following link

Download File  

Number Of Downloads: 2470

File Size: 97.26 MB

# Requirements

This App can be used with the systems that have the following specifications

  • Windows XP or a Higher version.
  • 32 bit or 64 bit OS

# Installation

Installation is a straight forward process

1. Extract the downloaded file as the following

2. Double-click the extracted file, you will see a screen as the following

3. Hit Next and you will see the following screen where You can select a different folder if you want but the default folder works fine

4. Hit Next again and you will see the screen for whether you want a desktop shortcut or not, hit next to continue.

5. Now Click the install button and the installation will begin

6. The installation process may take upto 10 Minutes or more to install all the dependencies (.NET Framework etc..), so be patient if it takes a little time.

# After Install

You need to create a user in the PTM so that you can log in as following

1. Open The Pashto Typing Master and you will see a screen as the following picture. Click the button that says نوی

2. Type in your name and click the button that says داخل, your name will be added to the list

3. Now select your name from the list and click OK.

4. After you Click OK button, you will see a screen as the following from which you can select what you want to do

# Learning to type pashto online

You can start learning to type in Pashto language using our online version here

# Feedback and Contact

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